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About Feddow Claassen

Feddow Claassen (1970) is visual artist, designer and inventor lives and works in The Hague in The Netherlands.

"I find reflections a constant source of inspiration. Whether it is coming from direct light or bouncing on a shiny surface. But isn’t what we see a mere personal interpretation of our surroundings? This - I find - is what makes life challenging, fun and interesting.

When I’m working on a mirror, I’m constantly confronted with my own image. I see myself concentrating, working to bring into reality ideas and thoughts that my mind has challenged me with.

However, I do not want the interpretation that can be made of my work to be limited to those ideas that inspired me. On the contrary, I want my mirror to fuse ideas, trigger thoughts, to whoever stands in front of it. To question what is real and not. To come up with their own interpretation, their own reflections."

Work: Reflected Objects / Installations

Reflected Objects


Animated stained glass
Museum Boerhaave
National Museum of Antiquities Leiden
Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC Amsterdam
Museum Meermanno The Hague
Special Collections of the Amsterdam University
Prison Museum Veenhuizen
Atrium City Hall The Hague


Feddow Claassen
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